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Black and white photograph of people gathered for a ceremony at Burgar Park, c. 1958.

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Newspaper clipping about the Welland Pirates game against the Pittsfield Mets. It discusses the play of Tim Wakefield, who switched mid-game from third baseman to relief pitcher and excelled, despite the Welland Pirates ultimately losing the game…

Two colour slides showing "The Coachmen Drum and Bugle Corps." band from Keswick and Sutton performing in Burgar Park as part of the Rose Festival, June 1976.

Colour slide showing a marching band performing in Burgar Park for Rose Festival, June 1976.

Black and white photograph showing thousands of spectators thronging spacious Burgar Park for Band Tattoo as part of the Welland Centennial celebrations, July 1958.

A military tattoo is a performance of music or display of armed forces in…
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