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Terry Yungblut named 1984 Grape King

Biography of John Armour, a young Scottish emigrant who worked for William Hamilton Merritt on the construction of the Welland Canal and became a leading citizen of Dunnville.

A newspaper article and photo of Lillian Clark of Port Colborne. The article is focuses on Lillian Clark's anger at the committee of the Ontario legislature for moving her brief presentation.
Portrait of John Deere, founder of John Deere by Richard Roik, John Deere Welland Works, Welland, ON
Portrait of Joseph Dain, Dain Manufacturing Company
Dain universal swing-around stacker, Dain Manufacturing Company
Dain Manufacturing Company Logo
An article in What's up Niagara about Steve Bauer, his history with cycling, and his participation in the 1984 Summer Olympics.
A typewritten manuscript detailing the history of the Buchner family and more specifically Henry Buchner.
An article in the magazine What's Up Niagara about Neil Campbell. Neil Campbell was a gas station owner and one of Canada's top rowing coaches helping the Canadian rowing team win in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.
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