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weld-870 (3).jpg
Black and white photographic print of two canoes in a race on the Welland Canal. It appears one of the canoeists has fallen in the water near the finish line, c. 1907.

weld-873 (2).jpg
Black and white photographic print of a canoe race on the canal, as part of the Welland Old Boys celebration, c. 1906.

wel297 (2).jpg
Two black and white photographs of a boy with the last name Burke sitting with a friend. The first photograph the other boy's last name is Dell, and the second photograph it is Bourget.

wel297 (4).jpg
Black and white photograph of a boy with the last name Burke sitting with three friends. From left to right: Burke; Unknown; Renard; Down.

wel297 (5).jpg
Three black and white photographs from Burke's collection, of teenagers at a track and field meet, undated.

IMG_20221208_0001 (2).jpg
Black and white photograph showing Ross School athletes who were Welland Jr. Inter School basketball champions of 1934. Photograph is badly damaged.

IMG_20221208_0001 (3).jpg
Colourized photographic postcard of watercraft on the Welland Canal, undated, but between 1903 and 1930 which was the lifespan of the Alexandra Bridge, seen in the background.

Black and white photographic print showing people using the Cross Street Swimming Pool, c. 1949.

IMG_20221208_0003 (2).jpg
Newspaper clipping reproduction showing a photo of the Port Colborne Sailors hockey team taken in 1931 in front of the Mutual Street arena in Toronto, with an article promoting an imminent old-timers game.

Front row, from left to right: Jack…

IMG_20221208_0003 (3).jpg
Newspaper clipping reproduction of a photo of a thriving Welland Tennis Club, photo and article undated.

Front row, from left to right: Barker Smith; Ethel Phillips; "Jimmy" Strudwick; Mrs. Edwards Kathleen O'Sullivan; Mrs. H. McMurray; Mr.…
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