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Black and white photograph of "Bill" Harcourt and Griffith Taylor, undated.

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A series of newspaper biographies on Peter and Irene Belasky of Welland and Crowland. They were well known as active citizens and successful business people. The second article focuses on Irene Belasky and her arrangement with Mayors T.H. Lewis and…

Tribune article detailing Ross Beard's second mural in downtown Welland that he will be starting soon.

Black and white photograph showing the "Western Ontario Sports Writers Association" annual dinner in Toronto, c. 1940.

T.N. Morrison, at this point a sports editor for the Welland Tribune (later managing editor from 1952-1972), is standing on the…

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Newspaper clipping with a colour photograph of the 2009 Welland Sports Hall of Fame inductees, May 3, 2009. From the December 29, 2009 edition of the Welland Tribune.

From left to right, front row: Ken Barker, Helen Barker, Brian Barker (on behalf…

Newspaper article from Guardian Express about Ross Beard's mural on the LCBO, with a photo of William Stevenett and his wife admiring it. Stevenett was the last station master at the depot, the subject of the painting.

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Newspaper clipping of an interview and biography on Steve Bauer. It discusses Bauer's personal and professional athletic life. From the July 19, 1983 edition of the Welland Tribune.

A photo from the Tribune of Ross Beard looking over his work on a mural, with a short caption.

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Biographical text from the book "The History Of The County Of Welland" by the Welland Tribune Printing House, about Adolphus Williams and his life leading up to residing in Welland with his law practice.

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Newspaper clipping discussing Carmine Angi, a 19-year-old business student at Niagara College, who submitted the winning entry to a contest for the A&W restaurant chain. Carmine was awarded $500 for his winning entry. From the August 4, 1981 edition…
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