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Black and white photographic print of two separate portaits of the Mayors of Welland John R. Joyce (1938-39) and T. H. Lewis (1940-45).

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A series of newspaper biographies on Peter and Irene Belasky of Welland and Crowland. They were well known as active citizens and successful business people. The second article focuses on Irene Belasky and her arrangement with Mayors T.H. Lewis and…

Black and white photograph related to a World War II-era War Bond sales promotion, with Irene Belasky the winner of the draw marked with an 'x', November 7, 1944.

Also included in the files is an article from the November 7, 1944 edition of the…

Two black and white photographs of Sir Cedric Hardwicke and wife Helena Pickard visiting Welland manufacturers, c. 1944.

The first photograph has 'Page Hersey' written on the back, meaning he is likely pictured in front of the Page Hersey…
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