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The mural artist Ross Beard talks about his experiences repairing the mural "The Pond on New Year's Eve" on the LCBO wall in this newspaper article.
A newspaper article on Ross Beard painting murals in Oshawa, and with Beard discussing his painting process.

A news article about Ross Beard and his painting of murals in Welland.

A short snippet detailing the ongoing work by Ross Beard and other artists towards completion of the murals in downtown Welland.

A newspaper article that details the unveiling of the designs chosen for the downtown Welland murals in 1988.

Article from the Guardian Express introducing the mural artists to the community. It gives brief biographies of the artists as well as the work they will be doing.

A short biography of Ross Beard in the Tribune. After his success with the murals, it mentions his upcoming art showcase with framed prints to be sold.

A short biography of Ross Beard from the Tribune

A newspaper photo and caption of Ross Beard painting a mural on the Tribune building.

A photo from the Tribune of Ross Beard looking over his work on a mural, with a short caption.
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