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The photograph is a print of a sketch of the locomotive that was involved in a fatal accident in Wainfleet in 1876, drawn by Robert Minor possibly in 1983. The second image is a copy of the newspaper report of 1876 which describes, in full detail,…

Black and white photograph of a portrait of Dr. James M. Park, undated. He became Medical Health Officer for Marshville (Wainfleet) in 1907.

IMG_20230307_0002 (2).jpg
Black and white photographic print of the Central Roller Mills building, Marshville, Wainfleet, c. 1920.

Mr. Miller Pickett named the mill Wainfleet Centre because the name Marshville was detrimental to the sale of his flour at the turn of the…

IMG_20230307_0003 (2).jpg
Black and white photographic print of a sawmill at Marshville, Wainfleet, c. 1920s. It is said to have been built by a Mr. Graybel, and it was demolished sometime in the 1930s.

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Black and white photographic print showing an Abe Bradley's scow on the Feeder Canal, 1 mile west of Wainfleet Village, c. 1908. The Feeder Canal is running left to right, west to east. This photograph was taken by Cameron Campbell of Marshville when…

IMG_20230307_0005 (2).jpg
Black and white photographic print of an image of Central Roller Mills, Wainfleet, undated. The picture is printed on what looks like an envelope. Under the photo it says "Return in ten days to Alex J. McAlpine Marshville Ontario."

IMG_20230307_0006 (2).jpg
Black and white photographic print showing a group of school pupils posing in front of the swing bridge over the Feeder Canal in Marshville, Wainfleet, c. 1909.

Back row: Erie Vasbinder, There Rhora, Effie Drysdale, Rhoda Simpson, Beulah Campbell,…
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