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Newspaper article about Ross Beard finishing his third Welland mural, titled "Towpaths," at the Casa Del Toro Inn on Niagara Street in Welland. The Inn was later called Canada’s Best Value Inn and was slated for demolition in 2022 to make way for…

Two colour slides showing Welland Public Library staff having Christmas dinner at Casa Del Toro Inn, December 1972.

Casa Del Toro was opened by Hermas Gervais in the 1970s and was located at 1030 Niagara Street.

Colour photograph of the mural "Towpaths" by Ross Beard, c. 1991.

Painted in 1989 by Ross Beard of Welland, ON, at 1030 Niagara Street, 28' X 34'.

The scene dates from the mid-1800s and portrays the J.G. Worth sailing vessel being pulled…
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