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Our documented story starts with a first-anniversary shareholders meeting of The Welland Library Company on November 26, 1825. The meeting was held at a schoolhouse near Brown's Bridge along The Welland River (pictured here}

Last week, we introduced the beginning history of the library.
Now in 1858, The Welland Library Association amalgamated with "The Mechanic's Institute of Merrittsville" to become the "Welland Mechanic's Institute". This meeting took place at The…

Did you know?
In 1858, when the library amalgamated from “The Mechanic‘s Institute of Merrittsville” to “ The Mechanics Institute“ there were only upwards of 300 volumes in circulation

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Every Thursday, we showcase a piece of history of the library as we begin to celebrate our 100 year anniversary.
Now, between 1877- 1880, The Mechanic's Institute had received local contributions and a provincial grant.
As well at the time, the…

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Check out this copy of an original document from 1825!
This document shows proceedings of the first anniversary of the Welland Library. This meeting was held at the School House near Brown Bridge on Saturday, November 26, 1825.
Such was their…

In 1895, the library officially was known as The Welland Public Library in accordance with The Public Library Act. During this time:
- Books were classified and numbered.
- There was a reading room.
- Fines and membership were charged.
- A copy…

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We don't have a photo of the library for 1897 but this photo is of the May Day crowd in Welland in the same year.
In library history at this time:
- 3,768 volumes were added to the library
- The assets of the library in books and furniture were…

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We've explored the history of WPL in the 1800s, now we move onto the 1900s!
In 1910, the first consideration and negotiation for a Carnegie Library began. In 1921, The Carnegie Foundation promised the City of Welland $20,000 to provide a Free Public…

Library board is established
Check out these documents from 1921!
These letters request the library to be taken over as a public library. Shortly after, it was agreed to have the library under The Public Libraries Act. This decision took 7 days

In 1931, the library decided to begin its collection of multilingual books. They first asked a Hungarian priest for a list of Hungarian books suitable for library use.
A few years later, the same request would be made of the French priest for French…
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