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A newspaper obituary and photo of former Welland mayor John H. Crow. He died at the age of 87.
A bill proposing the removal of two abandoned cemeteries and the transfer of their bodies in Port Colborne. First readings occurred 4, February 1921 from Robert Cooper of Welland. There are three different edits of this document available.
A newspaper article about the memorial service for Lieutenant Gordon Willson Crow and Wm. Horsley who lost their lives fighting in The Great War.
A newspaper article about Wellanders F.J. Cooper, Paul Parehack and his reporter and their sailing trip to Expo, a distance of over 700 miles.
A typewritten manuscript detailing the history of the Buchner family. There are two copies available.
A newspaper article and photo of E.L. Crossley. The article is a biography on E.L. Crossley and his history with education in the region over 30 years.
A newspaper article about George Blazetich's trip to Moscow to view the second half of the hockey series.
A biography on Steve Bauer and his recent participation in amateur cycling. The article mentions his debut at the World Championships in England and following that the Commonwealth Games held in Brisbane, Australia.
A newspaper article and photo of Bill Brown. The article is about his return from winning the Shooting Federation of Canada championships held in Winnipeg. Bill Brown planned to join the 1976 Canadian Summer Olympic team but also the Pan-Am Games in…
An news article on how Robert Fortier was going to make a documentary on the sport of cycling with Canadian Steve Bauer as a focus of the film.
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