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City, friends say 'thanks for everything, Dave!'
A hand written manuscript detailing the history of the Buchner family and more specifically Henry Buchner.
A newspaper article on the Blazetich family and their involvement in the Crowland fire department.
A newspaper article and photo of Leanna Crouch. The article is a interview and biography on Leanna Crouch, a Wellander who became a TV producer.
A newspaper article and photo of Philip Crouch. The article is a biography about the life of Welland lawyer Philip Crouch.
Due to Steve Bauer's Olympic silver medal he was rewarded Fenwick's H.L. Cudney Memorial Trophy, emblematic of Welland's Sportsman of the year. Steve Bauer talks with a reporter about his cycling career and his rewards.
A biography and interview on Steve Bauer and his cycling career.
A biographical journal article honoring the life of Ernest Alexander Cruikshank.
Photos of Steve Bauer in the paper ring in a Pelham race.
Death of Dr. W. E. Burgar
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