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IMG_20221221_0003 (2).jpg
Black and white photographic print of a picture of the Welland Electric Light Plant c. 1906, with an article describing its inception. It was located on West Main Street in the area of the old Welland High School.

IMG_20221221_0004 (2).jpg
Black and white photograph showing Welland's Water Works Pumping Station and Electric Light Plant, as seen from the Welland River, c. 1913. Two people are seen paddling in a canoe on the left.

IMG_20221221_0004 (3).jpg
Black and white photographic postcard showing the Welland River, looking east from the Niagara Street Bridge, c. 1920. The Welland Water Works Pumping Station and Welland Electric Light Plant buildings can be seen in the middle background.
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