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Black and white photographic print showing the Alexandra Bridge opening ceremonies, April 1904. Readable businesses include Cooper's Riverside Mills, L. H. Pursel and Co., and C. N. Alair Stoves.

Colour slide showing clowns performing in front of the Welland Courthouse on East Main Street in the Rose Parade, summer 1969.

Black and white photograph of construction on the Welland Canal, c. 1880s. The Courthouse and Fire Hall can be seen in the background.

Black and white slide of a postcard showing Downtown Welland, as seen from above West Main Street, c. 1910s.

Black and white slide showing East Main Street looking west, c. 1910s. The Alexandra Bridge can be faintly seen in the background.

Two colour slides showing East Main Street looking west towards the Main Street Bridge, January 1972.

Black and white slide of a print looking across the Welland Canal towards the courthouse, c. 1917.

Six colour slides showing an unidentified group of majorettes performing at the Rose Parade, summer 1968. The photos were taken near 195 East Main Street.

The last image shows the Loblaws, Courthouse, and the Main Street Bridge.

The slides were…

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Black and white photograph showing the Alexandra Bridge bedecked for the Old Boys Reunion, Aug 7-9, 1906.

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Black and white photograph of a parade of recruits on East Main Street, in front of the Welland Courthouse, leaving for training during World War I, c. 1914-1918.
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