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Black and white photographic print of the Reeta Hotel on East Main Street, in the spot currently occupied by Welland Civic Square. The Lambert Building was owned by Samuel Lambert, and he named the hotel Reeta after his daughter.

An article from the 1922/03/14 edition of The Welland Tribune, discussing the opening of the new Lambert Building, which housed the Reeta Hotel and Lambert Theatre. It occupied the location on East Main Street where the current Welland Civic Square…

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Colour postcard showing an aerial view of downtown Welland, with an Ocean-going Vessel (also known as a "Saltie") going through the Welland Canal under the Main Street Bridge.

Two colour slides showing people shopping at the Rose Festival sidewalk sale, June 1976.

The photos were taken in front of 17 East Main Street, pointing east.

Colour slide of a photograph of a postcard showing East Main Street looking west, c. 1930s.

Colour slide showing East Main Street at night looking west to the Main Street Bridge, July 1960.

Two colour slides showing East Main Street looking west towards the Main Street Bridge, January 1972.

Two colour slides showing traffic backed up on East Main Street waiting for lift bridge to lower, March 1972.

Traffic being backed up in the downtown core was a regular occurrence in Welland, but 1972 was the last year for it as the Welland Canal…

Black and white photograph of a group of majorettes marching in the Centennial Parade, at the corner of King and East Main Streets, July 1958.

Black and white photograph showing firemen from Greece, NY in the Centennial Parade, at the corner of King and East Main Streets, July 1958.
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