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wel115 (4).jpg
Colourized photographic postcard of the Welland River, looking west, from the Prince Charles Drive bridge. Part of the "Souvenir Folder of Welland, Ontario" by F. H. Leslie. Undated.

IMG_20230111_0002 (3).jpg
Colour photograph of Welland railroad Bridge 15, a swing bridge, c. 1983. View to the northeast, near the corner of Ontario Road and Prince Charles Drive, and the Welland Hospital can be seen in the left background.

Black and white photographic print of The Welland Rectory, near Prince Charles Drive, c. 1905.

Black and white slide of The Welland Rectory and the feeder cnal, near Prince Charles Drive, c. 1910s.

Black and white photograph of West Side Fire Hall, on the Corner of Colbeck Drive and Prince Charles Drive, 1958.

weld-937 (3).jpg
Black and white photograph of First Baptist Church, looking across Prince Charles Drive, c. 1958.

wel165 (3).jpg
Black and white photograph of the West Side Fire Hall on the corner of Prince Charles Drive and Colbeck Drive, 1958.

IMG_20221222_0013 (2).jpg
Black and white photograph of three teenagers fishing on the Welland River near Prince Charles Drive Bridge, c. 1958, view to the east.
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