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Black and white photograph of a baggage car at the Welland Canal Bridge 15 swing bridge, c. 1929. Engine 8419 of the New York Central lines broke away from the cars and went into the canal leaving this car hanging several feet over the edge.

An article from the August 15, 1929 edition of the Welland Tribune about a crashed train engine finally being removed from the Welland Canal the day before on August 14. The crash had happened on June 28, and it took multiple attempts to remove it.

IMG_20221130_0002 (2).jpg
Two black and white photographic prints of Engine 8419 of the New York Central lines freshly removed from the Welland Canal, c. August 1929.

IMG_20221130_0004 (3).jpg
Black and white photographic print showing an attempt to remove the New York Central train engine from the Welland Canal, c. 1929. It's unclear if this is from an earlier unsuccessful attempt or the attempt on August 14, 1929 which lifted the engineā€¦

IMG_20230111_0002 (3).jpg
Colour photograph of Welland railroad Bridge 15, a swing bridge, c. 1983. View to the northeast, near the corner of Ontario Road and Prince Charles Drive, and the Welland Hospital can be seen in the left background.

IMG_20230117_0003 (2).jpg
Colour photograph of the railroad Bridge 15 over the Welland Canal between Ontario Road and Lincoln Street, c. 1983. The bridge used to carry the main line of the Canada Southern Railway over the canal. Photo taken by Ross Beard.

IMG_20230315_0002 (3).jpg
Colour photograph of the Welland Canal, looking northwest with views of Bridges 14 and 15, c. 1980s.
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