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Black and white photographic print of a collage of portraits of the Officers and Council of the Welland Board of Trade, 1907. From left to right, top to bottom: C. H. Hanson; B. J. McCormick; D. Ross; Col. Raymond; John Goodwind; Alex Griffiths; G.…

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Black and white photographic print of a plaque commemorating Louis Blake Duff, who died in 1959. An inscription says "A true scholar and a gifted editor, publisher and author; eminent historian and inimitable humorist."

Black and white photograph showing construction of the Niagara Street (formerly known as North Main Street) Bridge, Welland, April 18, 1932.

The Niagara Street Bridge would officially open on April 21, 1932 as part of the Welland Day…
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