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The mural artist Ross Beard talks about his experiences repairing the mural "The Pond on New Year's Eve" on the LCBO wall in this newspaper article.

A short biography of Ross Beard from the Tribune

A photo from the Tribune of Ross Beard looking over his work on a mural, with a short caption.

A newspaper photo and caption of Ross Beard painting a mural on the LCBO building on East Main Street.

Tribune article detailing Ross Beard's second mural in downtown Welland that he will be starting soon.

Newspaper article detailing damage done to the LCBO mural by Ross Beard and how much it will cost to fix.

Newspaper article from Guardian Express about Ross Beard's mural on the LCBO, with a photo of William Stevenett and his wife admiring it. Stevenett was the last station master at the depot, the subject of the painting.

Tribune article regarding restoration work being undertaken to repair damage to the LCBO mural in downtown Welland, overseen by Ross Beard.

Colour slide with a view of some stores in the Fitch Street Plaza, c. 1960-1962.

From the Orline Clements Memorial Collection.

Colour slide of a boat show at Fitch Street Plaza, c. 1963.

From the Orline Clements Memorial Collection.
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