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A section of the minutes of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario with James George Currie acting as Speaker.
An index of subjects of debate in the legislative assembly with sections highlighting the decisions made by speaker James George Currie on different subjects.
A typewritten index of newspaper articles concerning James George Currie, 11/5/1964
A section of a larger book focusing on James George Currie and his participation in the Canadian Parliament.
A statistical history of Welland's elections since 1867. Includes the elections James George Currie ran in.
A scanned section of a book on the committees of Ontario. This scanned section focuses on the committees which James George Currie participated in.
A scan of a book about people and incents from the late nineteenth and early twentieth-centuries. This scanned section relates an incent involving J. C. Currie.
A section of a book of the history of Thorold. This section focuses on the history of James George Currie in Thorold.
A scanned section of a book on the legislators and legislatures of Ontario. This scanned section focuses on James George Currie.
A record of election results for James George Currie in the Niagara region from 1868 to 1880.
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