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Colour slide showing an old-style house in the fall at 33 Maple Avenue, October 1963.

wel176 (2).jpg
Black and white photographic print of the architect Norman A. Kearns checking the level of the cornerstone for the Welland General Hospital addition, c. 1929.

wel180 (2).jpg
Black and white photographic print of Arlington Hotel on the North Side of East Main Street, c. 1905.

Colour slide of a view of the auto-mechanics class at Welland High & Vocational School, August 1976. The picture is unfortunately very blurry.

Two colour slides with a back view of the Welland Public Library with the boiler room entrance and janitors work shed, May 1974.

The slides are part of a photographic record of 600 images to document the construction work undertaken to expand theā€¦

IMG_20230309_0001 (2).jpg
Black and white photographic print of Beatty and Sons saw & planing mill, Welland, undated.

Black and white photo of the Black Horse Tavern in Thorold that was at the intersection of Highways 20 and 58 just east of Allanburg. Undated but possibly c. 1920s.
Black and white photograph of the restaurant Bright Spot on King Street, near Railway Tracks. The photo is substantially damaged.

IMG_20221130_0001 (3).jpg
Black and white photograph of the Welland Railway (later Grand Trunk Railways) depot, undated. This depot was built 1903 and moved to Dain City in the 1920s.

IMG_20230309_0009 (3).jpg
Halftone reproduction of a black and white photograph of the Canada Forge Company building, c. 1911.
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