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Heavy forge shop. CanForge. Welland, ON
Drop forgings used for aeroplane construction. CanForge. Welland, ON
Drop forgings used for guns and gun mounts. CanForge. Welland, ON
The Welland Telegraph Special Industrial Number. P. 15. Two buildings at CanForge. Welland, ON
Black and white illustrated print of the Canada Forge Company plant, c. 1958.
CanForge advertisement, September 1962
Ingot stock pile and crane handling equipment. CanForge. Welland, ON
Open-die forging press being shipped to CanForge. Welland, ON
Installing 3,000 ton press at CanForge. Welland, ON

IMG_20230309_0007 (2).jpg
Black and white photograph of the Canada Forge building under construction, c. 1906-1911.

It was built by the Welland Construction Company in 26 days. The photo was labeled as 1906, but the company was founded in 1912, as such it is likelier to…
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