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Colour photograph of the Pakrul families barn on Forks Road, c. 1983. The photo was taken by well known artist Ross Beard as inspiration for his paintings.

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Newspaper image of an aerial view of Bridges 17 and 18 on the Welland Canal, fall 2007. The South Niagara Rowing Club is at the top of the photo, with Dain City on the right.

From page C6 of "Above & Beyond: A Bird's Eye View of Welland and Area,"…

Black and white photograph of All Saints Anglican Church in Dain City, July 1958. Taken as part of the Welland Centennial celebrations.

The building was originally Holy Trinity and was located on Smith Street in Welland, then moved to Wellandport…

Colour photograph of Bridge View School on Forks Road in Dain City, c. 1983. View is the back of the school looking north-west, with the Forks Road Bridge to the left. The school closed in 1985.
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