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Jan 22 1925 pg. 5 (10).jpg
Microfilm copy of various solar eclipse articles from the January 22, 1925 edition of the Welland Tribune.

A total solar eclipse would be seen in Welland and wider Niagara on Saturday January 25, 1925, and these articles were for building…

jan 27 1925.jpg
Microfilm copy of a description of the total solar eclipse event that occurred on January 25, 1925, from the January 27, 1925 edition of the Welland Tribune

Unfortunately the day was cloudy and the article describes how the eclipse of the sun was…

Fourteen photographs of the total solar eclipse, April 8, 2024.

Shot with a Canon camera and a 300 mm lens with a 1.4X extender. It was too cloudy in Welland to see the eclipse, but the clouds were thin enough in the West Lincoln area for these…


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