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Black and white photographic print of an unnamed group of men in military uniform, undated. Fourth from left in back row: Doug Watt. Front row left to right: Arthur Cox, unknown, Sid Cox.

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Newspaper clipping about then city clerk of Welland David Barrett, who quietly celebrated his 20th anniversary working for the city. He had also just finished being administrative vice president of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO),…

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Newspaper clipping with a biography about David Barrett who had 33 years of municipal government experience and retired on September 30, 1989. From the June 16, 1989 edition of the Welland Tribune.

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Newspaper clipping about the City of Welland celebrating David Barret's retirement from city clerk at a retirement party held at the Canadian Polish Community Centre. The picture shows David and his wife posing with a gift from the City. From the…
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