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Newspaper clipping focusing on volunteer Carmine Angi, who still cares and is still involved in the community, particularly the Niagara College Alumni Association. From the Feb 11, 1987 edition of the Welland Tribune.

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Newspaper clipping of an obituary for Alberta Anderson (nee McAllister), widow of former mayor of Welland E. J. Anderson. Alberta Anderson died at 94 years of age. From the December 27, 1971 edition of the Welland Tribune.

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Black and white photograph of Anna (Brooks) Hagar posing while seated (b. May 18, 1852, d. Feb. 10, 1910), undated.

Black and white photograph of young Anne Law sitting in front of the Robert Cooper House on Niagara Street, undated.

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Halftone reproduction of a black and white photograph of Archdeacon N. I. Perry, c. 1920-1931 when he was Archdeacon of Holy Trinity Church.

Three sections of a newspaper article about DeWitt Carter and his Ingleside home, the first titled "DeWitt Carter was Port Colborne's first mayor", the second, "Pair became members of the Carter household", and the third "Inglese sold." George Duma…

Typewritten pages of an autobiography by L.D. Raymond. The text would have been handwritten sometime between 1880-1890, and was copied with a typewriter at an unknown date.

Lorenzo Dulmage Raymond was the first Crown Attorney, Clerk of the Peace,…

Two black and white photos showing famous jockey Avelino Gomez reminding us of the Fort Erie Race Track opening date on April 8, January 26, 1961. The gathering was the annual Sports Celebrities dinner in Toronto and he visited the Welland party…

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Newspaper clipping recounting the Bald family's contribution to education in the region. This included the creation of the J.C. Bald School named after James C. Bald, the former secretary of the school district. The family also had the first woman,…

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Newspaper clipping about French cyclist Ronan Pensec taking a greater lead in the Tour de France, leaving Canadian Steve Bauer no chance of reaching the medal podium. From the July 12, 1990 edition of the Welland Tribune.
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