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Black and white photograph showing Taylor Beckett on the binder machine at Jersey Hill farm, Effingham, undated.

Black and white photograph of Lelia May Beckett as a child, c. 1917. Her parents were Permilla Arlena Beckett and Frederick Miller Beckett of Effingham. Lelia later married Alfred Oates.

Black and white photograph of a portrait of John Abram Miller and Martha Jane Miller (nee Killman), c. 1888. He was 58 and she was 59 at the time of the photograph. They married in 1852, and were the parents of Ella, who married Taylor Beckett of…

Black and white photograph of Frederick Miller Beckett posing outside, the son of Taylor and Ella Beckett of Effingham, c. 1894.

Black and white photograph showing Ella Beckett (nee Miller), the wife of Taylor Beckett, with her dog at what is likely the family home in Effingham, c. 1916.

Photocopy of a newspaper obituary for Whitson Beckett of Effingham, July 1899. He was born November 30, 1826 in Pelham, and died on July 2, 1899.

It also serves as an early history of the Beckett family who settled in the area of Effingham, which…

Four black and white photographs of the Jones family of Effingham.

The first image is Samuel Jones and Alfretta (Coon) Jones. The second is of their children, John, Alfred (standing), and Mary. The third is a portrait of Alfretta. The final image…

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Black and white photograph of Lila (Burke) Daboll posing on her farm in Effingham, c. 1926.

Two black and white photographs of Roland Scrigley (Quaker) posing with his cousins at the Daboll house in Effingham, c. 1916. The first file features Myrtle Burke, and the second shows Lila (Burke) Daboll.

IMG_20240626_0005 3.jpg
Black and white phtograph of Harry Daboll and Nellie (Dunn) Daboll on their wedding day, date unknown.
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