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Black and white photograph of a collage of portraits of the Welland Choral Club, c. 1902.

The names listed: A. P. Krafft; W. Britton; J. Heslop; R. Beckett; William Millar; E. Brasford; A. Milne; F. Tucker; W. E. Oullette; H. G. Hearn (Assistant…

Black and white photograph of a portrait of George W. Sutherland, undated.

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A full-page newspaper clipping of 21 photos of city clerk David Barrett and associates in celebration of his retirement. Photos taken by Cec Mitchell. From the October 23, 1989 edition of the Welland Tribune.

Tribune article detailing Ross Beard's second mural in downtown Welland that he will be starting soon.

Magazine clipping of a brief biography about the early Niagara settler The Honourable James Crooks, known as the escarpment 'Wonder Man' who built 19th century empire. From the Spring 1981 edition of Cuesta - The Niagara Escarpment Magazine.

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A series of newspaper biographies on Peter and Irene Belasky of Welland and Crowland. They were well known as active citizens and successful business people. The second article focuses on Irene Belasky and her arrangement with Mayors T.H. Lewis and…

Black and white photographic print of a portrait of Herbert M. McCuaig, B. A., the second file features a poem from Welland High School graduates wishing him a happy retirement. He was principal of Welland High School from 1891-1923. Photo is undated…

Black and white photograph showing Art Ross, the general manager of the Boston Bruins on the left, joking with Rex Stimers, radio voice of the St. Catharines Teepees junior hockey team. T.N. Morrison, from whose personal collection this photo comes…
A newspaper biography on Ross Beard and his painting career. Makes mention of his upcoming art showcase at Sparrow Gallery. There are two copies available at the library.

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There are two articles about Steve Bauer on this news page. The first is titled "Hours of training compensated by going out and winning races" and the second is titled "AMF sponsorship opens doors removing tension of cycling's cost". The first…
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