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Portrait of Joseph Dain, Dain Manufacturing Company
Dain universal swing-around stacker, Dain Manufacturing Company
Dain Manufacturing Company Logo
An article in What's up Niagara about Steve Bauer, his history with cycling, and his participation in the 1984 Summer Olympics.
A typewritten manuscript detailing the history of the Buchner family and more specifically Henry Buchner.
An article in the magazine What's Up Niagara about Neil Campbell. Neil Campbell was a gas station owner and one of Canada's top rowing coaches helping the Canadian rowing team win in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.
A newspaper article about Thies Bogner's trip to China with photographs taken by him of China.
A magazine article and biography in Cuesta on The Honorable James Crooks, local industrialist, entrepreneur, and politician.
A newspaper article on Kristian Bogner's exhibition at The Roselawn Complex with photographs by Kristian Bogner included in the article. The article also discusses Kristian Bogner's use of digital technology in his photography.
A newspaper biography on Ross Beard and his painting career. Makes mention of his upcoming art showcase at Sparrow Gallery. There are two copies available at the library.
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