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Black and white photograph of a young girl on the banks beside the canal, c. 1918. Could possibly be the feeder canal.

IMG_20230208_0007 (2).jpg
Black and white photograph of World War I warships on the Welland Canal, c. 1916.
The Windoc still burns a full day after striking the Allanburg Brge.

Colour slide of a willow tree in spring at Merritt Park, c. 1975.
Stands at the junction of St. Paul Street West and McGuire Steet, St. Catharines, ON.

IMG_20230124_0008 (3).jpg
Three black and white photographic prints of William Hamilton Merritt. The first is his portrait, and the second and third pictures show him pointing out over the Welland Canal. Undated.

IMG_20230222_0005 (3).jpg
Black and white photograph showing the west side of the Welland Canal showing the Alexandra Bridge and West Main Street, c. 1920-1925.
1931 photo of West Main Street and the Main St. Brge, Welland, ON.
Completed West Main Pier & Brge No.11 looking southwest. October 1929.
Welland Ship Canal, West intake end, Syphon Culvert looking North. 6.C.75
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