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An article in What's up Niagara about Steve Bauer, his history with cycling, and his participation in the 1984 Summer Olympics.
Due to Steve Bauer's Olympic silver medal he was rewarded Fenwick's H.L. Cudney Memorial Trophy, emblematic of Welland's Sportsman of the year. Steve Bauer talks with a reporter about his cycling career and his rewards.
A biography and interview on Steve Bauer and his cycling career.
Photos of Steve Bauer in the paper ring in a Pelham race.
A biography on Steve Bauer and his recent participation in amateur cycling. The article mentions his debut at the World Championships in England and following that the Commonwealth Games held in Brisbane, Australia.
An news article on how Robert Fortier was going to make a documentary on the sport of cycling with Canadian Steve Bauer as a focus of the film.
Steve Bauer won the Grand Prix Cyclistes des Ameriques in Montreal in a final sprint of the 16.5 km race.
Steve Bauer, who finished 4th overall in the Tour de France, discusses why he races. Steve Bauer planned to return for next years race.
Steve Bauer held on to first place during the third stage of the Tour de France.
Steve Bauer of Pelham, Ontario won the silver medal in the olympic men's 190km road race. Bauer lost the gold to American Alexi Grewal.
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