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The last ship through the now closed Welland section of the present canal.

IMG_20230208_0004 (2).jpg
Black and white photograph showing a coal burning grain carrier ship as it passes by the Alexandra Bridge, c. 1910

IMG_20230208_0006 (3).jpg
Black and white photographic print showing a turret boat as it passes the Welland Waterworks, undated.

A11 Ship In Welland Canal.jpg
Newspaper image of an aerial view of a Great Lakes shipping vessel in the Welland Canal, fall 2007.

From page A11 of "Above & Beyond: A Bird's Eye View of Welland and Area," a special insert of the Welland Tribune newspaper published November 27,…

IMG_20230208_0013 (2).jpg
Black and white photographic print of the Australian convict ship "Success" which was built in Burma in 1790 as a merchant ship, later fitted as a prison ship to sail between England and Australia. Was for many years used for trade on the Great…

IMG_20230314_0001 (2).jpg
Colour photograph of a Canadian naval ship with the marking '132' going under the East Main Street Bridge on the Welland Canal, undated.

IMG_20230208_0007 (3).jpg
Black and white photograph showing the cruise ship "America" as it goes past Merritt Park, undated.

1 Aug 25, 1974.jpg
Colour slide showing damage to the Steelton freighter after it collided with Welland Canal Bridge 12 on August 25, 1974.

IMG_20230208_0004 (3).jpg
Black and white photograph showing grain carriers including the "Toiler" at Humberstone (Port Colborne), c. 1911

Three colour slides showing the laker Baie St. Paul passing south through the Welland Canal, as seen from Merritt Park, August 1972.
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