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Coat wrap pipe on a truck outse Page-Hersey, Welland, ON
Lap weld pit inse Page-Hersey, Welland, ON
Rows of pipe waiting for shipment in Page-Hersey's shipping yard. Welland, ON
Page-Hersey 16" finish under construction with railway in the foregroud. Welland, ON
Hydro press inse Page-Hersey, Welland, ON. (photo #1)
Executives of the 16" mill and Page Hersey
Welland Public Library (LHC photo file - Welland (City) Industries 33 & 34)
Page-Hersey 16" finish almost completely built. Welland, ON
Employee buildings at Page-Hersey, Welland, ON
Page-Hersey Tubes Limited marks 50th Anniversary, Welland, ON
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