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wel117 (3).jpg
Black and white photograph of an aerial view of Fitch Street looking East, c. 1960.

wel258 (2).jpg
Black and white photograph of a view of Chippawa Park, including the Welland-Crowland War Memorial, c. 1958.

IMG_20221207_0007 (2).jpg
Black and white photograph of Fitch Street School, c. 1958, just after the building was completed in 1957.

wel258 (3).jpg
Two black and white photographic prints of a log cabin in Chippawa Park, both undated. David Morgan of Wainfleet built the cabin in 1846 and it was moved to Chippawa Park in 1924.

wel227 (2).jpg
Colour photograph of the Welland Public Library Bookmobile parked at Chippawa Park, c. 1973.

The Welland Public Library Bookmobile was launched in July of 1973. It stopped at local seniors homes, day cares, schools, parks and churches. It carried…
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