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A term paper comparing the Canadian Teachers' Federation and the National union of Teachers of England and Wales.
A newspaper photo and article about Thies and Audrey Bogner and how each of them had two of their pictures placed in the National Archives in Ottawa.
A term paper studying the effects of summer vacation on student's spelling skills submitted to the University of Toronto.
A newspaper article and photo of Mable Warner Brown. The article is about Mable Warner Brown and her career writing which began in 1936. 8/28/1973
A review of the play The Belle of Amherst presented at the Loft Dinner Theatre at Flavours. The article focuses on the performance of Winn Bray as Emily Dickinson.
A newspaper biography and photo of Thies Bogner. The article is about his history as a professional photographer and Bogner's own thoughts about the artistry of photography.
A newspaper article and photo of Thies and Audrey Boger and their winning of six categories of awards during the annual Professional Photographers of Canada convention.
A newspaper article and photo of Dr. T. E. Briant. The article is about his retirement from the medical profession after 47 years of service. Dr. Briant had worked at Welland County General Hospital as an eye, ear, nose, and throat doctor through theā€¦
A newspaper article and photo of Gordon Brown. This article is a biography of the life of 80 year old Gordon Brown.
A newspaper article and photo of theatre actress and Wellander Jayne Bray. Her sister is the theatre actress Winn Bray.
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