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Colour photographic postcard of an aerial view of the Garden City Skyway over the Welland Canal, St. Catharines, c. 1964-1970. Captioned on back 'The Garden City Skyway at St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada showing the city in the background as well as…

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Colour photographic print of an aerial view of downtown St. Catharines, c. 1960s.

IMG_20230208_0011 (3).jpg
Black and white photographic print of the steamer "Modjeska" on Muir's Drydock at Port Dalhousie.

Colour slide with a view of the Port Dalhousie Range Rear Lighthouse, July 1974.

Colour slide showing a view of the Port Dalhousie Range Front Lighthouse, September 1974.
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