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Black and white photograph of the Welland Post Office on Division Street, 1958.
Black and white print of an illustration of Griffith's Block on East Main Street, 1876.

Black and white photographic print of King Street, showing the Post Office and City Hall with pedestrians and vehicles in the foreground.
Black and white photographic print featuring two historic buildings. Upper Photo: Welland County Industrial Home on First Avenue. Lower Photo: City Hall on Division Street. Both c. 1920.
Black and white photo of the Y.M.C.A. Welland building, as well as Early School and Sea Cadets.
Black and white photograph of Charlie Austen opening a postal box inside the Post Office.

Black and white photographic print of The Welland Rectory, near Prince Charles Drive, c. 1905.

Undated photo of City Hall and the new Post Office in Welland.

Undated photo of public buildings in Welland, including City Hall.

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Colour photograph of the Grey Gables Coach House building in 1983. The photo was taken by well known artist Ross Beard as inspiration for his paintings.
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