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wel115 (4).jpg
Colourized photographic postcard of the Welland River, looking west, from the Prince Charles Drive bridge. Part of the "Souvenir Folder of Welland, Ontario" by F. H. Leslie. Undated.

IMG_20230125_0001 (2).jpg
Black and white photographic postcard of Welland Canal locks and the Aqueduct, undated but likely between 1905-1920.

wel325 (2).jpg
Original illustration in black ink of the Welland Water Works Pumping Station, which operated on the Welland River near West Main Street between 1888 and 1915. Illustration undated.

wel179 (3).jpg
Colour photograph of the Welland County General Hospital, later known as the Riverside Annex, as seen from across the Welland River in 1983. It was later renovated into apartments in 1984. The photo was taken by well known artist Ross Beard as…

Black and white photograph of an aerial view of the Welland River and Canal.

wel130 (2).jpg
Black and white photograph of an aerial view of the Welland River and Canal, October 1964.

IMG_20221222_0008 (2).jpg
Colourized halftone reproduction of a black and white photograph showing a woman in front of a winding portion of the Welland River, undated.
Centre of Welland showing Alexandra Brge and Aqueduct
View of Welland & Niagara Rivers

Black and white photographic print of the Welland River running under the Welland Canal through the Aqueduct. Captioned "In Welland visitors can view an astounding engineering accomplishment. In the heart of downtown Welland, the Welland River passes…
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